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Hello Shellac Nails!!

Can you believe it?  I can, ’cause I’ve been wearing it for the last 4 weeks!  Shellac goes on like polish, zero drying time, lasts 2 weeks,  and is easily removed in minutes.  My first and  most favorite color is Fedora!  I’m currently wearing Hot Chilis and its now day 9 and it looks awesome.  Shellac doesn’t chip, scratch and the high gloss shine really lasts for the full 2 weeks.  Next week I’m back to Fedora!  We are close to many of the surrounding cities beyond Dallas like Plano, Addison and Frisco so we are easy to find!  One of my clients had hers on for 18 days, her nails grow slowly so the cuticle was not a problem, whew!  So say Bye Bye to an Old Fashion Manicure and Hello Shellac!