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Minxed for the New Year!!!

OK!  Look at this!!   This is hot for the New Year!!   What an exciting color to wear!  Wow!!  Pat did so well on Saby’s nails and they have lasted for more than two weeks, unimaginable!!  That style, high fashion, and koolness is greatness!!  Look at the color as well as the shine.   Two weeks later it looks the same with a few edgy tips!  And if you file them with a fine grit file like 200 or so grit you’d be good to go for another week.  The new growth at the base of the nail is the tell.  If you are a slowgrower they last longer!  Three weeks is about the limit, you know!  I like two weeks, but sometimes that doesn’t happen, so it may take three weeks to get new ones and only the new growth looks bad, but everyone is looking at the rest of my nails to notice what I notice.  The new growth!!!  Her next step for her nails is the Shellac system.  She choose Red Baroness from Shellac for her next color.