About Us


Trent’s experience began in 1988 at Ogle School of Hair Design graduating in 1989.  He took the job of apprentice under Raphael Madrigal, Dallas’s ”1986 Colorist of the Year”, at Raphael Hair Design for 6 months learning many techniques of cut and color.  Raphael particularly chose to teach techniques he learned from Llongeras of Spain to Trent to accelerate his career.  Trent developed new techniques in highlighting he calls Strand Matching where he retouches highlights from the scalp to the  color maintaining natural hair color as lowlights.
He is certified for Hair loss recovery by Nioxin in 2001 and 2002 and since then has new hair loss treatments beyond Nioxin like Hinoki and now, through JAG Laser Hair Solutions in Santa Anna, California, he has a complete system to restore hair using BioMedic products! Utilizing a combination of DHT reducing/blocking products, A CoEnzyme, even Minoxidil for the scalp and a laser Scalp Stimulator he is able to regenerate Hair and positively reduce hair loss, which is his most current study!