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Hot, fashionable Minx Nails!

These are one of my favorites! They are high fashion and addictive!   Sabrina wore these for 2 1/2 weeks and was very happy with the wear and all the compliments!  Many of my clients can’t wait to see what I’m wearing next on my toes!  Today it is Illusion Snake Skin, in several weeks I’m choosing Snow Cheetah like I did for my client Karen this weekend!   Karen took her previous set of Minx nails to Mexico and played on the beach and they looked unbelievably good afterward, you know how nail polish and beach don’t mix! Minx nails last and last, usually 4 weeks on the toes, 2 weeks on the fingers and sooooo many designs to choose from!   It is exciting to have such high fashion for my clients nails!